Food, Food, Everywhere There’s Food

Man you guys are making me even more hungry than I was when I woke up. If I had a dollar from just 30% of my blog’s visitors, I could eat everyday and get a 77-year-old monkey off my back, but such is life. Anyways…today’s JusJoJan topic of flew/flu/flue comes from M.

Let’s see, dipshit still has the government closed for his temper tantrum, half the US is screaming to build the wall and the other half is screaming to open the government so people can get paid. No one seemed to hear that the USDA is only guaranteeing February’s payments for food stamps. Everyone is pointing fingers and no one is listening.

In other words, everything is still the new status quo there. I could comment on competition and how it can actually make potential readers fly the coop, or the TSA flu that seems to be hitting airports, or how I watched geese as they flew North this morning before the rains came, or how I am happy that I don’t have a fireplace with a flue to worry about but I wouldn’t mind one and cut down on the heating costs. Since I am not going to comment on those things, and since I am now very hungry, I am going to talk about food.

I love to bake, cook, and spend time in the kitchen. In my previous life (pre-having a teenager who hates food), I was a cook at the Grand Canyon and a trained cake decorator. I loved watching food shows, and I think Food Network is the only channel I really miss watching (okay, that and I really miss my court shows). Sure, I could watch Gordon swear and rant his head off, but….nah.

One of the things I loved watching most on Food Network were the competitions. Okay, I never missed an episode of Sweet Genius, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Cutthroat Kitchen. Of the many competitions they have produced, hosted, or aired over the years, my favorite was always the cake competitions. Seeing what they did was amazing.

When I was younger I used to watch Julia Child and Graham Kerr on their shows. I always wanted to cook like them, but with my own flair (read boringness). I love pork roast, beef roast, chicken, but nothing beats BBQ. That’s the other thing I really miss watching — the BBQ shows and competitions.

Okay, this is turning into punishment, so I’m just going to leave this little short, short for an appetizer… enjoy 🙂

Prime rib, mashed potatoes, and fresh apple cobbler wafted down the hall into Meredith’s room. She leaned against the cool porcelain rim of the toilet and cursed her co-worker for bringing the flu into the office.


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