Art Collection (warning: not my usual fare)

Topic: Art

The Museum

Jayden was proud of his collection. He spent the better part of his childhood selecting the right muses, and his entire adult life collecting his art work. The selected pieces hung in frames of all shapes and sizes on his walls. Every day he walked through his personal art museum. The only empty frame rested over his bed and drove him to continue his collection.

A special news alert filled the airwaves as police, families, and community members scoured the town looking for six-year-old Hailey who disappeared just hours earlier on her way home from school. Jayden sipped his glass of wine and smiled as Hailey’s picture appeared on the screen again.

“Spitting image of your mother,” he whispered.

He smiled as he turned off the television and walked proudly through his collection. Jayden admired his artistic eye as he pushed a large bookcase to the side and took out his keys. As he walked down the hidden staircase, whimpering sang in his ears.

Jayden stood in the dark at the bottom of the stairs and watched the little girl cry. He smiled. “My collection is finally complete.”