After Mandate 2837a passed unanimously, and the genetic selection breeding program began, mirrors were banned. It was punishable by death if you possessed a mirror. Mirrors are where the seconds lived. Those creatures that were formed from the leftover genetic material not used for breeding purposes. The Halflings taught our scientists everything we know now about other dimensions and how to use the mirrors properly. Our ancestors thought they were simply ways to see one’s reflection, yet many felt the presence of the others who lived in those dimensions. Though few believed them.

The seconds don’t look like the firsts. I have seen pictures of seconds in my schoolbooks. They are deformed and don’t look right at all. Their hair, eyes, mouth, everything just looks wrong. I would never want to see one in person, yet, here I am, sitting in my closet on the floor clutching a mirror.

This is all Jax’s fault. If she hadn’t of said I was a second and dared me to prove her wrong, I wouldn’t be in this mess. Fine. Let’s get this over with. I unwrap the mirror so that it points away from me. I see my shirts and they look the same. The wall – same. I take a deep breath and look into the mirror.

At first I look, well, I look like me. Then I start to notice the little things that are different. My hair is off just a little bit, and my ears a different shade. As I sit and stare at myself, I smile. I wave.

“You’ll never believe what Jax dared me to do,” I tell my reflection.


I laugh. “To prove I’m not a second.”

My reflection laughs. I laugh more.

There’s a knock on my closet door. I look at my reflection, and my reflection looks at the door. “Who are you talking to, sweetie?”

“No one, Mom. Just talking to myself.”

This odd little tale was inspired by today’s Just Jot It January prompt provided by Janet reflection