The Stranger and the Assassin

The candle lamplight flickered in the breeze, casting an eerie glow over the man who stared at the second-floor open window. His cigarette glowed in the night as he walked toward his destiny. The plan repeated in his mind—open the door, sixteen steps to the second floor, turn right, five steps forward, open the door and kill the child. The child whose words would lead the nightmare of his reality.

Two women passed and nodded at the stranger. He raised his hat and bowed slightly. Their shoes echoed on the cobblestone street. Slowly, he made his way to the front door and collapsed over the home’s low stone wall.

The assassin watched as the women screamed and called for police. She listened with delight as they declared the stranger dead. Her job complete, destiny secured, and freedom for her people. She placed the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

A small boy rounded the corner, out of breath, and stared at the assassin’s body. He dropped to his knees and wept. “I was too late.”


Finish the Story 2019 #3

One Day

Victor tugged at the rigging and twisted the rusty knob on the gas tank. He didn’t like leaving his family’s lives in the hands of a second-hand balloon, but what could he do? Everything was gone already; he was lucky to have found this under all the other rubbish in the dump.

“Here, Papa.” Maddie handed him her small, floral bag filled with all her worldly possessions.

He looked in her eyes and smiled. “Thank you, sweetheart.”

“Is there room, Papa?” Jacob clutched his bag close to his chest. “I don’t really need it if there isn’t.”

Victor took his son’s bag and looked inside. Tears flowed down his cheeks. “There is always room for our dreams.” He tucked the wrapped notebook and Maddie’s bag into a small cubby in the balloon’s basket.

Maddie went in first, then Jacob.

“Victor,” Rose said, wiping the tears from her husband’s face, “we are doing the right thing, aren’t we?”

He held her hand against his cheek and closed his eyes. Silently, he nodded and took a deep breath. “It’s the only way.”

Victor helped her into the basket, then he climbed in and turned the knob on the flame. The family waited and watched as the sky filled with balloons. Friends and neighbors made the same choice they had. Many would, some didn’t. It was the only way.

As the balloon tugged against its last connection to the Earth, Maddie screamed and pointed. Victor turned and saw …

To be continued

This time, I am tagging the amazing Kristian to lead us off.


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