A New Way

The line in the sand was drawn
Neither gave an inch
From dusk to dawn
Without a flinch.

Hour after hour
Day after day
Decreasing brainpower
Closer to doomsday.

Some watched in awe
Some shook their heads
Everyone’s greatest flaw
Unraveling connected threads.

Set free
Truth revealed
Living in the debris
Of the political minefield.

A new normal took hold
People moved on
Left statues in the cold
Of ideals foregone.

The stalwarts of hate
Left in the dust
Face their own fate
Their faces nonplussed.

Together we are one
Inch by inch, hand by hand
Past wounds healed and undone
A new life to be planned.


Keep Moving


Although it was a simple thing to be doing, something strange was happening.
Paulo Coelho, The Valkyries

James pulled the crumbled paper from his shorts and smoothed it out. She gave it to him three months earlier. It took him that long to work up the confidence to venture down the back alleys of town. He stood in front of her door.

Queen Mousette’s.

He kept walking.

This 50-word story was inspired by and written for 50-word Thursday.

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