Shadow Love

00 prompt street art in padova italy - streetart by kenny random

She had been haunted by the shadow people her entire life. Mocked and called a liar and desperate for attention as a child, she learned to keep them to herself. They would appear unexpectedly and often frightened her. It took everything she had to maintain the facade of normality.

One particular shadow person at her last place of employment moved silently around the office. She nicknamed it the vampire because it would latch on to people’s shadow’s and suck their energy. Soon the person mysteriously fell ill and would find other employment. Every day she prayed and rubbed the coin of warding her grandmother placed in her hand as she took her last breath.

Not all of the shadow people were frightening or uninvited. In fact, there was one she knew was around long before she saw him. He was tall, thin, and wore a hat. Whenever he was around, she closed her eyes and saw him for what he was. A young man, around her age, kind – with the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

On bad days, when the shadow people flooded her small apartment, he would come to her rescue and disperse the others. Even though she lived in the sunlit world of the living and he lived in the shadows, she thought of him often. No matter how hard or rough her life was, she dreamed of a life with him.

While walking to work one warm spring morning, she glanced at the stonework building. There he was. Waiting for her with a flower in his hand. She smiled and instinctively reached for the flower. She paused and looked around. Maybe, she thought. She looked back to him and took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

His touch was warm and his hands were as smooth as silk. She opened her eyes and smiled as she smelled the rose in her hand. A warm breeze brushed her hair and made her giggle.

“I’ve waited a long time for you, Rose Marie.”

This was written for Chris’ nomination for the Tell a Story Challenge.

Ok, so now I get to nominate three others and pick a picture for them. Let’s see what The Bag Lady, Help from Heaven, and Suze can do with the following picture:


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