Why Again

Sammy sighed as he waited…and waited…and waited more. Each second grew into a year, and each minute grew into an eternity. Would they be like his last family? Would they abandon him on the side of the curb? Never sure of what he did wrong, Sammy pressed on. This time was different though. It felt different. It felt real. Tears welled in his eyes as he waited…and waited…and waited.

“SAMMY!” Mikey flung the car door open before his mother put it into park and sprinted to the picnic table. “SAMMY!”

Sammy’s heart lifted and his soul glowed as Mikey hugged the stuffing out of him. He knew they wouldn’t have left him. Mikey loved him, and he loved Mikey.

Mikey held Sammy and walked back to the car while his mother latched the old suitcase and put it in the trunk.

“I’m never forgetting you again, Sammy.” Mikey buckled Sammy into the seat next to him and held his paw. “I’m sorry.”

Sadje nominated me for the Tell the Story Challenge. I have been nominated once before but lord if I remember who it was – sorry 😦

If I understand this correctly, I am now to select a picture of my own and nominate three others. So….let’s see what Fandago, Kristian, and John can do with the following picture:


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