Life’s Puzzle

Ruth was obsessed with puzzles; the more pieces, the better. There wasn’t a puzzle she could complete in record time – except one. Her painful secret and desire remained locked away from her in a tidy corner of the attic. As with any puzzle, she began with the frame. Over the years, she managed to find the right combination for several clusters, but the whole puzzle eluded her. Every night she sat on the attic floor and stared at her reflection in the puzzle shards. A million hers – her true self – screaming forever, imprisoned in the shards of her reflection.

This 99-word short was inspired by and written for the Flash Fiction Challenge at The Carrot Ranch.


14 thoughts on “Life’s Puzzle

      1. We have a large attic hence it’s full of rubbish, I suspect like most people should you ever have a clear out there will be loads of things which will go in the skip together with the thought, “What on earth did we keep this load of rubbish for?” It probably seemed like a good idea at the time but I bet I never play any of my old records or VHS cassette tapes ever again. Anyone want two Velvet Underground albums, they must be collectors items, they are Mono recordings!

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