A Child’s Imagination


Through April, May and into June there was no word of John, Ross, Giles and the others.  – Outback Heroes by Evan McHugh

Once Gavin turned into the apartment complex’s main walkway and he immediately knew why Jenny had picked this one. Penny squealed as she rounded the corner and flung her mother’s hand aside. Jenny laughed and hugged Gavin as Penny hugged the lamppost.

“When can I meet Mr. Tumnus?” Penny asked.

This 50-word story was inspired by the photo prompt for this week’s 50 Word Thursday hosted by Tales from the Mind of Kristian.


Recap – 50 Word Thursday 2019 #4

Last Thursday, I posted the following picture and quote and challenged anyone and everyone who found their muse to write a short post based on one of both of the prompts. THANK YOU ALL! It was a fantastic turnout. 🙂

Be sure to stop by Tales from the Mind of Kristian today/Thursday as he posts this week’s challenge. I will see you all here next week for my turn hosting again

50 Word Thursday 2019 #4 Participants:

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