Recap – 50 Word Thursday 2019 #4

Last Thursday, I posted the following picture and quote and challenged anyone and everyone who found their muse to write a short post based on one of both of the prompts. THANK YOU ALL! It was a fantastic turnout. 🙂

Be sure to stop by Tales from the Mind of Kristian today/Thursday as he posts this week’s challenge. I will see you all here next week for my turn hosting again

50 Word Thursday 2019 #4 Participants:

“Maybe I needed to learn to stay more alert when traveling in a foreign country” – Lisa Bullard, Turn Left at the Cow.

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Final Adventure – The Haunted Wordsmith

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50Word Thurs — The Shiny – Tao Talk

50 Word Thursdays 4 – Michele Jones

50 Word Thursdays #4 – Gringa – Walk a Myelin* My Shoes

50 Words Thursday’s # 4 – Keep it alive

Fifty Word Thursday #4 – JP the Wide-eyed Wanderer


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