Aur Petite

When they drove up, it was everything she hoped it would be. A long red carpet, velvet ropes, and a man in a tuxedo holding a clipboard by the door. Charles groaned silently. He wanted to eat at Spanky’s and watch the game but invitations to Aur Petite only come once in a lifetime, so he had to take it.

The doorman checked their name and invitation, then handed Lori a small red box tied with a gold ribbon. Inside was just as fancy as the outside and even Charles had to admit he felt like a king. The food must be great, he thought. Once at the table, their server announced there was no menu; everyone would be served the chef’s surprise that included cuisine from around the world. Charles grumbled, Lori beamed, and that was worth it.

When the food arrived, they both stared at it and blinked. Was this it? Nah! Couldn’t be! Seven spoons on a solid white platter each holding a single morsel of food.

The server smiled as he left the bill on the table.

After splitting the bill on four credit cards, Lori and Charles sat in the car and stared at each other. Lori opened the small red box and pulled out a single praline and blinked.

“Spanky’s,” she asked.


Family Trip


“When’s it coming?”

Allen checked the guide. “Three.”

Brandon watched someone fight a beach umbrella. “Dummy.”

Chris chuckled. He was bored too, but he heard this was the place to go. Jordan booked it last year. “Better be worth it,” he muttered.

“Look.” She pointed to the ocean. “It’s coming.”

This was written for 50 Word Thursday #9.

Recap – 50 Word Thursday #8

Sorry everyone! I forgot to post this yesterday.

Last Thursday, I posted the following picture and quote and challenged anyone and everyone who found their muse to write a short post based on one of both of the prompts. THANK YOU ALL! It was a fantastic turnout. 🙂

Be sure to stop by Tales from the Mind of Kristian today/Thursday as he posts this week’s challenge. I will see you all here next week for my turn hosting again

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