The Time Loop

Residents of Last Hope shielded their eyes as they watched fragments of the moon streak across the sky. Muffled chatter filled the night air. Justin listened and watched with everyone else who had made it to the bunker in time–billions did not. He hoped that other countries built underground bunkers like Last Hope. The survivors truly are the last bastion of humanity. How long it would last was the unspoken worry that filled most minds. Last Hope had been operational for three months, but residents had sixty minutes of freedom above ground in the evening only recently.

As the night sky glowed, he looked at the trees that surrounded the facility. Barren limbs in the middle of summer. Signs of life were also eerily missing in an area that should have been teeming with birds and deer. He hunted in those woods every year for the past thirty years. Nothing was the way it should have been. Regardless of their host’s assurances, Justin knew they were not safe. No one was safe anymore.

Sirens blared, signaling their nightly outing was over. Justin returned to his room on level thirty-seven near the engineering lab. A single room–a perk that came with the job. Justin filled every nook and cranny before their arrival with his private work. One last trip to the engineering lab that night and his time manipulator would be complete.

“A quick trip, a well-placed explosive, and I can save everyone.”

Justin slid an iron chest out of a secret compartment in his wall and opened it. He looked at the explosives and redesigned pocket watch. Years of watching Twilight Zone and Outer Limits proved valuable. He picked up the watch and smiled. “Not long now.”

“You know, Justin, –”

Justin jumped off the bed and spun around. “HOW –”

“The problem with time travel is that you never know what future you will create.” Justin raised his weapon and pointed it at his other self and pulled the trigger.

Passersby heard the weapon fire and pounded on Justin’s door. Mr. Franklin kicked the door in and Julia rushed to his side. “What happened, Justin? Who did this?”

Justin’s eyelids fluttered as he gasped for air. “I did,” he whispered.

As he took his last breath, Justin entered the engineering lab at the University of Los Angeles and started his research on lunar mining techniques.


Better Be Worth It

George C. Bailey Photography 2019

The frigid sea mist stung as it slapped his face. At midnight, under normal circumstances, he would be in bed watching the late-night movie. Today had been anything but normal. He would not be standing by the lake in sub-zero temperatures had it not been for Meredith. She was the most beautiful woman who ever paid a moment’s attention to him. He just couldn’t say no. “No one can ever know,” she said, handing him the bag. He hoped getting hypothermia and frostbite was worth it. Seemed like a lot of effort just for disposal duty of teenage diary.

This 99-word story was inspired by and written for the Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

Fibbing Friday

So, I think it’s safe to say that the Queen of Questions theme has transformed into the Fibbing Friday theme. I enjoy writing these questions and reading everyone’s fantastically absurd answers! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Remember, if you want to participate just answers the questions in a post or in the comments below. The point of Fibbing Friday is to come up with the wildest answers you can.

Today’s Questions:

  1. Jonah wasn’t swallowed by a whale…he was swallowed by a ____.
  2. Who (or what) could make even the fiercest pirate quake in his boots?
  3. What did Huckleberry Finn have to really paint?
  4. What is the best food that can be paired with red wine?
  5. What are you wearing on the sun?
  6. Why do dogs chase after cars?
  7. What did the cat say to its kitten about the humans?
  8. Goldfish are not fish. What are they?
  9. What would you rather do instead of sleeping?
  10. The Phantom didn’t haunt the Opera House…he haunted the ____.
  11. What is the most intelligent lifeform on Earth?
  12. Why did we really go to school?
  13. What did teachers do during recess?
  14. How did you get to school?
  15. What was life like before the Internet?
  16. What is the best thing about social media?
  17. What is your favorite thing to put chocolate sauce on?
  18. Doctors were all wrong…humans don’t need water. What do they need?
  19. Dolphins are not mammals. What are they?
  20. There is a Lost Dutchman’s Mine, but where is it?