A Short Life

It had been a long day of playing with the other pups in the litter and Kit was worn out. He sprawled out in the lush undergrowth of the forest and panted. When the alarm from the adults sounded, he had little energy to run. He tried, but failed.

When he opened his eyes, Kit was alone in a meadow filled with wildflowers. He sat and howled for his mother – for the other pups – for anyone. Kit’s howls turned to whimpers and when he heard a little giggle behind him he was ready to give up. His mother had warned him about humans, but he desperately wanted company. Human or otherwise.

As the small child gently picked Kit up, he didn’t fuss or fight. He felt warm – loved. Just like he did in his mother’s grasp. They sat quietly under the tree and enjoyed the afternoon.

Kit loved every moment of watching the sun set in heaven with his new best friend.

The Bag Lady tagged me to Tell a Story with the image she provided. It’s my turn to provide an image and tag three others. Let’s see what Chris, Kristian, and Lana can do with the following picture:


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