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Jane tagged me in a prompt called, My Writing Process. It’s a bunch of questions relating to writing. Well, that is something I supposedly do, so it sounded fun (and the questions are great too). Enjoy!

What genres do you write?
Lordy, I don’t know if I really write in any genre. I like to dabble and follow the story where ever it goes. Let’s see though, Reflected Echo was a dystopian — Life in River Hollow had paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and comedy — Tales from the Haunted Wordsmith had bits and bobs but the reader favorites were horror, science fiction, and comedy. All of these genre’s are -ish.

What setting gets you the most productive?
Quiet and alone. I find it too distracting to write when others are around…although, I also find it too distracting when I am alone lol.

If you have multiple story ideas, how do you go about picking which one to start on first?
I always have multiple story ideas going. For me, its about finding the one that either has the most complete story told by the character already, or the one that I find the most fun to write. Some times the story ends up boring me to the point where I don’t even want to write it any more.

Do you outline?
Blog posts – no. Short stories – mostly. Books – yes, I do now. I wrote Echo as a pantser, but found it would have been much easier to write with a clear plan of attack so to speak. Outlining also allows me to write scenes out of order.

Do you start your first draft with pen and paper, typewriter, or computer?
Outline on paper, character arcs on paper, premise and key events on paper, draft only on laptop.

What do you do to get through writer’s block?
Depends on what kind it is, and what I’m writing. Blog ideas drying up – play a few games of Cards Against Humanity. Story ideas – take another trip to my waiting room (story ones like to hang out by the soda machines). Book ideas – avoid waiting room and spend some time on the blog.

Do you format your project from the beginning or worry about that later?
I format from the very beginning. That’s why losing MS Word has been hard. I tried LibreOffice and OpenOffice, but they are just lacking what I like – what I’m used to. I really want Office again.

Do you edit as you go or when you’re finished with the first draft?
I used to edit as I go, and in some ways I still want to, but writing and editing are two different entities and should be treated as such. For my latest project, I wrote it and am now starting to edit.

After finishing your drafts/manuscript how long do you give it a break before you start going back over it or do you give it a break at all?
Usually a few days before I do anything else with it. I can see the advantage of leaving something for months between versions, but I have never been that patient of a person when things are left undone (unless it’s dirty dishes – those can hang around forever).

Is there something that you prefer to do to get you through writing? (Playing music, tv, having your favorite drink, or food)
If I am writing, I often forget about everything around me – including feeding the living people in the house.

Do you schedule your writing sessions?
I loathe schedules.

Do you have word count or chapter goals for your writing sessions?
I write either one scene or one chapter at a sitting. When I am writing, I have a goal of a chapter a day, but if I write a scene a day, then I am still making progress.

Are there any quirky things you do to make your projects more fun?
I am not a quirky person in the slightest.

Do you work on multiple projects at one time?
I have 2 outlined right now and am starting to outline 6 more.

How often do you research what you’re writing?
More often than I thought I would, but not very often,

How do you organize your projects?
Spiral notebooks and stacks of loose paper. I’m old school lol.

Do you reward or punish yourself for achieving or missing out on your writing goals?
Nope – why would anyone do that?

Are there any works similar to your projects that you look for and use – for inspiration and/or comparison?
Nope. That’s also why I say I write -ish. My books touch on common genre themes but are more “me” than the genre.

How early do you wait to start looking for and hiring editors?
Never had an editor. I’m sure my works could have been better, but I don’t have money for an editor. They can run thousands of dollars for a project.

If you’ve finished a first draft or a manuscript. Tell us how you felt afterwards. (Pick your favorite) If you’re not through the first draft yet tell us how you’re feeling about it at the moment.
Good because I finished something. Then comes the “no one is going to read it” and “it sucks” stage, followed by the “just get it over with and publish it stage,” which is obviously followed by the “they are just being nice” and “you suck” and “see, you suck, that’s why you only have a few sales” stage. Been there three times now and it doesn’t change.

So, now I get to tag others. Well, I’ll be honest, there are 20 questions here and it is a long tag, so….if you want to participate, consider yourself tagged 🙂


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