A Nutty Mystery

Lillian thought about it and chuckled. Ever since they moved to the house of Elm, nuts have turned up in the strangest of places. First there were the pecans in the iris bed, then black walnuts in the bird bath. It only took a few days of spectating to discover the nut provider – a family of squirrels living in the Maple tree in the back yard. Things took a strange turn later though when nuts of all sorts turned up in the house. One morning it was hazlenuts in the coffee can. Another evening it was brazil nuts in fireplace. No one in the family minded; not even when they found almonds in their slippers. It was fun and created the world’s longest hide and seek game. This had to take the cake though and no one could explain it.

She looked at the doctor waiting for her answer and blushed. “Well, we don’t know exactly how or why Daisy would have an ear full of pine nuts.”