Lily’s Tale


People pass the statute of Lily every day and never remember her amazing tale. Why would they? It was so long ago. When they took the ocean away, she called on her fine-feathered friends to carry her up to the sky castle to beg for assistance. They laughed and said they would help only if she could walk on water. With a little help from her aquatic friends, she did. They stared at her with amazement. How could any human do that! They returned the ocean immediately. Little did they know that they were not the only aliens on Earth.

Went a little longer than usual on this one — 100 words for 50 Word Thursday.


Finish the Story 2019 #5

The Unusual Commute

Faith stretched and yawned. Somewhere in the house, the kittens were rough-housing and the neighbor’s rooster crowed ear-splittingly loud. There was no use in complaining to the Harvey’s again. She sighed, sat up, and slipped into her slippers. Warm chestnut aroma filtering from the kitchen suggested she was running late. The coffee pot’s timer was set for six, but it felt much earlier. Probably should not have watched the late-late movie, she told herself.

“Tom is always worth it.” She chuckled and set about her morning routine.

By the time she showered and poured her coffee to go, she had decided it was much later than usual. No time for breakfast or yoga. Traffic was light and convinced her even more that she was running behind schedule. She dashed through the terminal and reached the train doors with seconds to spare. They closed behind her and the train lurched forward.

Faith grabbed a hold of the person in front of her to avoid falling over and chuckled. “Excuse me. Sorry. I didn’t mean –“

Without intending too, she screamed as her eyes took in the thing standing in front of her. She released her grip and stepped back.

“Watch it, young lady,” a voice said behind her.

Faith glanced behind her and …

To be continued

This time, I am tagging the incredible Sadje to lead us off.


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