Snow covered much of the known world for over a generation. Few remained who remembered a life before the snow; even fewer believed the tall tales of warm water, parks, and only one layer of clothing. News reports began on Day 14273 but few believed it. Soon scientists and government agencies reported their findings – including photographs. The snow was receding. All were fascinated by their findings. Young people began doubting everything they thought they knew while the old sat back and smiled. There, buried under the snow, was proof of the life they remembered – a life before the endless snow.

While Charli is digging out from Northern Michigan’s snowmageddon and dealing with dying computers, they have posted an informal interim 99-word flash fiction challenge.


4 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Reminds me of some of the post-catastrophe-set fiction popular in the 1970s. If it wasn’t post-nuclear, it was ice-world or water-world or …
    And right now I really feel for those who have suffered the extremes of cold this winter, especially since yesterday we in the usually icy East Anglia had temperatures reaching 16 C. I was out walking in t-shirt and hikers. But, mustn’t speak too soon; I’ve known the weather to turn on us even as late as end-March.

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