Blog changes – Spring edition

It’s March! It’s Spring (supposedly for the North) or Autumn (for those living in the South)…or same as usual (for those living on the equator – I assume they don’t have seasons there). That means it’s time for some spring cleaning.

Based on my stats, I would say that many of my readers had the same thought I did and cleaned me out of their reading. Ouch! However, since I have now moaned, groaned, belly ached, and sighed to a wonderful listener, it’s time to move on.

Obviously, there have been some changes made already and I will not reverse course on those. I am no longer hosting the Three Things Challenge – it was fun while it lasted but it was time to let it go. My posting rate has dropped a bit (some days more than others) and that’s probably why readers dropped me like yesterday’s news, but oh well, I can’t be everything to everyone (unless people want to start dropping dollars in my tip jar…just kidding).

I switched to a new blog theme which I like. It’s a great combo of featured image on the homepage and just writing on the post (unless there’s a photo prompt of course).

Since you are probably saying, “Get on with it already!” (if you’re still reading this, that is), here is what to expect for the next three months here (until summer):

  • Monthly themed challenge (first posted March 1): March’s theme is main character or setting. This prompt will be posted in an image format.
  • Fibbing Friday will continue (I will schedule these so I don’t keep forgetting)
  • Finish the Story will continue
  • Story Starter challenge: In this challenge, I will provide one sentence that must appear somewhere in the story. Take the sentence and see where it leads.
  • Opposites Attract challenge: In this challenge, I will post a single word and its antonyms. Participants need to use the original word and one or more of its antonyms.
  • Genre challenge: In this challenge, I will select a genre and a photo. Let’s see how far we can challenge imaginations with this one.
  • Page and Line challenge will continue
  • Secret gifting prompt (ala White Elephant)

A few notes for those waiting for the next WIP: I have cancelled (for the time being) Grim Reaper and Keeper of the Doors. They need more refining before I start writing. I hope to have a new WIP started by the end of the week.


15 thoughts on “Blog changes – Spring edition

  1. Sweet! Iโ€™ve made a few changes since beginning 3TC ~ not doing as many question posts. I donโ€™t really think ppl care about my favorite color anymore lol. Looking forward to your new posts. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. I loved the 3TC, but I understand it might not have been that popular. Or it was…well your blog/your choice. Sounds like a great Spring/summer line up! Sorry I wasn’t more supportive, but lately just haven’t been feeling the writing bug so much. I’ll look forward to your new challenges. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Paula is doing a great job with the 3TC! I am sorry about your current situation, it is hard. I have lost more that I care to remember. Please don’t take what I wrote personally, it’s was a general statement – a lot of bloggers have left lately.

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