Space Is No Place For A Mouse

Maxwell was a mouse, unlike any other mouse. He dreamed of going into space – and not just because his pet said the moon was made of cheese. Maxwell didn’t even like cheese.

Maxwell’s large pet was leaving in the morning on a special trip and he thought this was the opportunity he was waiting for. So he stowed away in his large pet’s favorite socks and in the morning, his world rattled and rolled.

His large pet was quite upset, but Maxwell was very happy to stop twirling about in the air. Space was no place for a mouse


A Little Dance

Fashionable, Hoity-toity
Dancing, singing, laughing
Never uncool – always entertaining.

Rules for a didactic cinquain (copied from Nova):

Line 1 = one single word = NOUN
Line 2 = two words that describe that noun = ADJECTIVES
Line 3 = three words that express action and end in -ing = VERBS
Line 4 = a four-word phrase about the way the noun makes you feel = PHRASE
Line 5 = a synonym of the initial noun = NOUN

His Last Adventure

Watch the skies,” the pilot said.

The co-pilot nodded and stiffened in his seat. In forty years, he had never seen the sky look so angry. Seconds seemed to last for an eternity. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening struck the small aircraft and they went down.

The co-pilot was never good at understanding empathy, but he was good at understanding fear. In the time it took him to crawl from the wreckage, discover the pilot’s lifeless body, and freeze as an ungodly howl filled the air, he had become an expert at fear.

He quickly came to his senses and said, “Water first, then shelter.” Calling on all his scout training, he fashioned a filter to percolate water and built a lean-to next to the wreckage.

The night passed slowly and as the world around him came alive with unfamiliar creatures, he vowed to not be a victim. In the morning he would have to worry about his health and find food.

Unfortunately, just as dawn approached, he discovered the source of the howl. A blood-curling scream greeted the morning sun as he became food. His adventure came to an end that day, but would serve as inspiration for future adventurers to take care when flying over Jurassic Island in a thunderstorm.