Finish the Story 2019 #8

Tailoring A New You

The small shop sat on the corner of Houston and Parker for more than a century. Any piece of clothing a person ever needed could be found there. They even sold hand stitched underwear. The Frederickson family owned the shop from the day it opened, and everyone loved the family.

It wasn’t just the customer service, low prices, and great quality that brought customers back for generations – it was the other things the Fredericksons offered. They say a new pair of clothes can change a person, and at A New You, they meant it. One had to be careful when requesting a custom suit – you didn’t want to get your specifications wrong. Why, even one misplaced check mark could have dire consequences on a person’s future.

Take Emilio for example, he …

To Be Continued

This time, I am tagging the amazing Rory to lead us off.


  1. Copy the story as you receive it.
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  5. Have Fun!



The bells chimed at eleven and the pews filled to capacity. Ever since the new preacher arrived, services had been standing room only. Everyone loved him and the way to could speak to everyone on their level. He had been a historian before joining the clergy and was well versed in local history and customs. He could relate to the oldest resident and newest resident. If you want to get a seat at the little stone church, you better arrive early. But not too early – the graveyard is filling up fast.

Hi-Fi or WiFi

“Hi, honey.”

“Hey Grandma. What’s up?”

“I need a favor from you.”

“Sure. Anything.”

“Can you come over and fix my hi-fi?”

“Your hi-fi?”

“Yes, my hi-fi. So I can listen to my music.”

“Oh, your wifi. Sure.”

“Wifi? What’s wifi?”

“Let’s you listen to your music in any room.”

“I thought that was called hi-fi?”

“No, it’s wifi, Grandma.”



“Huh, and all these years I’ve called it my hi-fi.”

“I’ll come over right away.”

“So nice of you to come straight away. Can you fix it?”

“Yeah, it’s probably just your router or modem or something simple.”

“That’s good. Jimmy Dorsey will be on soon.”


“Wonderful musician and big band leader.”

“Oh…ok. So, where’s your computer?”

“I don’t have a computer.”

“I thought you needed help with your wifi?”

“I do, it’s over there.”

“That cabinet?”

“Yes, my hi-fi, sorry, my wifi.”

“What is that? That’s not a computer.”

“What’s a computer?”

“Nevermind, I’ll use my data to look up your old stereo.”

“I really appreciate this.”

“It’s no problem, Grandma. Well, guess what, it is called a hi-fi. Who would have guessed.”

“I guess I did.”