Sunshine Blogger Award

Beckie’s Mental Mess nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. THANK YOU!

Here are her eleven questions and my answers:

  1. What was it that made you want to begin a blog? – I was bored while waiting for my dissertation to be approved.
  2. When you are writing, do you listen to music? If yes, what kind of music? – I love my silence or just listening to the birds outside.
  3. If you were able to come back as any animal, what would that animal be? – Bat
  4. What is your favorite thing about blogging? – the writing
  5. If you were stuck wearing only one color, what color would that be? – probably black.
  6. If you only had one day left on this planet, what would be your last meal? – with my income? Um, if I didn’t have to pay for it, I would have a kobe ribeye, home fries, and chocolate meringue pie.
  7. Do you have a favorite author, and why is he/she, your favorite? – I can’t narrow that down to just one, but I love Riordan, Shan, Pilkey, and Barker.
  8. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? – I would take my kid to Japan because he really wants to go there.
  9. Is there a certain routine you do before you sit down to write? – yes, wake up.
  10. Do you own a pet? If so, what kind? – Six outdoor cats own me.
  11. If you were to write for a TV show, what would it be about? – I would write a horror serial like Nightmare Cafe, Tales from the Darkside, Monsters, etc.

My Nominees: EVERYONE!

My eleven questions:

  1. What is the funniest thing you have ever seen during a windstorm?
  2. Which is your favorite cave?
  3. What do you think really took place in the Hellfire Caves?
  4. Do you believe in magic?
  5. What is one word you always misspell?
  6. If you were 20 today, would you be a YouTuber?
  7. What is one book that needs to be turned into a TV series?
  8. What is the best book-to-film title?
  9. If we raided your closet, what is one thing you would feel the need to explain why its there?
  10. Did King Kong rampage New York City?
  11. Okay, time for the hard one… who would win: King Kong, Godzilla, or Hulk?

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