Beware What You Say

The new owners shoved through the front door with their shoulders. Nels chuckled under her breath. Who knew one little door would require two burly men to open it. Stale, musty air escaped its confines and made the trio cough.

“Oh, man, what died it there?”

Jeff looked at Steve and shook his head. “Nothing. Just old air.”

“Smells better than your mustang,” Nels joked as she stepped across the threshold and looked around. “This is amazing!”

Jeff and Steve joined her in the foyer of the large house and looked around. “It does have potential, doesn’t it,” Steve said.

The three walked past a little girl in a grey-stained nightdress and looked around the front parlor. She followed the group as they walked through her home from room to room.

“What was this place?” Jeff asked as they opened a door on the third floor and found a large room filled with old metal bed frames.

Nels shivered as the little girl walked through her and joined the other children. “I don’t know, but this is creepy.”

“Used to be an orphanage,” Steve said. “Dr. Julian Hawkins ran it. The guy was a total psycho.”

No sooner was Dr. Hawkins’ name mentioned, the girls huddled together in fear. The trio were too busy listening to Steve’s story to hear the front door lock shift into place. The Doctor was in.


13 thoughts on “Beware What You Say

  1. I really love this one, too. I think horror lends itself well to flash fiction!

    I don’t know if you go in for these blogger awards, but I’ve nominated you for one here:

    I feel kind of weird doing it, because I am mostly a lurker here. But I have been reading and loving your pieces for a while! No pressure to participate if it’s not your thing. But know that you have a fan 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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