It All Started With A Diamond Ring

On bended knee
he dried his hands
and told her of his plans
if only she would agree

A diamond ring
sealed their fate
no need to deliberate
their souls began to sing

Years together
lives merged
their love surged
through all kinds of weather

Stars faded
the curtain closed
true love exposed
a life never traded.


A Snip Here, A Filler There

It sounded so easy at first. Post a craigslist ad and wait for desperate people to contact them. William looked through the applicants and was dumbfounded. There were highly-educated professionals, academics, and trained blue-collar workers that wanted to join their study. The economy must have been worse than he anticipated, but their mistake would serve a far greater purpose than their tiny human lives. In one week, the subjects would begin the process of hybridization. With professionals in the mix, their success was all but ensured. Who knew humans were so gullible and willing to do anything a thousand dollars.