Why Is It So Cold

An epistolary tale



Have you seen Josh today?

No y?

He was at the meeting last night but haven’t seen him since.

What are you, his mother?

No! Man owes me $50 is all.

U know how Josh is

Yeah but still

Lin, he’s probably passed out at another friends house

No he’s not

And how would u know

Called around

Damn Lin! Stalker!

Shut up Goose. You’d do the same if he owed you $$

That’s y I don’t loan $$ or hang out with losers

They’re not losers

Sure sure


Ten guys hanging around a graveyard at midnight are losers


Well, u are

Last night was weird though


Josh found an old book in one of those shops on the other side of town and said it was real


Nah man, as soon as he started reading from it this weird ass mist rolled in


shut up


Anyways he started reading, the mist rolled in, then there were shadows all around us saying crap

like what?

I don’t know


couldn’t understand them


it got so cold

yeah its called nighttime idiot

we all got scared and ran


someone screamed

you’ve seen too many horror movies

it’s dark

dude…it’s noon

why is it so dark

open your eyes

they are

open your drapes

why it is so cold

it’s 92 outside! did you guys take something last night?

I’m scared

whatever, you’re tripping

I want to go home

where are you

I don’t know

Ugh! What’s around u?

It’s dark….i’m cold…i’m lost

Lin how did you get home?

I didn’t


I’m cold

Where are you?

I don’t know

WTF dude!

I’m sorry


Tell my mom I’m sorry

WTF! why?

They’re coming


I’m sorry


It’s so dark

I’m so cold

I can’t stay

I’m scared







This isn’t funny dude!


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