Sometimes Expensive Is Better

“It’s Alive!”

The professor looked at Franklin and shook his head. “No shit, Sherlock!”

The class laughed and poked Franklin.

The subject strapped to the gurney struggled and burst out laughing as the plethora of feathers tickled his feet. He laughed so hard he couldn’t stop what happened next.

First it was a simple case of hiccups. The feathers did not stop. Then the farting started. Soon, there was quite a deficiency in fresh air.

“Open a window,” the professor shouted, but no one could move through the noxious air.

With closed eyes and one hand covering his mouth and nose, the professor felt around the lab for the off switch.

“Finally,” he said as his hand hit the plastic lever. It snapped in two and lodged in the machine, sending it into maximum speed.

The professor’s last words were retrieved from the security camera and etched in a memorial plaque. “Dr. Frank Stein. ‘Damn those value-minded governors'”


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