Page 228, Line 19

If you haven’t participated in this fun little challenge, it’s quite simple. Pick a book…any book…and turn to page 228 (or close to location 228 if its an ebook) and count to line 19. Use that line as inspiration for a post. It can be anything you choose, as long as it uses line 19 on page 228.

The Magician’s Curse cover
The Magicians Curse by
Linda G. Hill

“Can you make it disappear?”

Linda G. Hill, The Magician’s Curse, location 229, line 19

Sarah was enthralled to be picked during the ceremony. This had been her third entry into the lottery. She had begun to wonder if it was rigged since everyone else who won seemed to be the most popular, most beautiful, or most athletic. She was none of those things, but she had really tried over the last year to be everything they were. She even went so far as to invest her life savings in a face transplant so she would have the perfectly symmetrical face like the others had.

Onlookers cheered but her parents cried. How could their daughter be picked? This wasn’t fair! It wasn’t right! She was a good kid. A good kid who just followed the wrong people. Nothing Sarah said could stop their tears.

“Why can’t you just be happy for me?”

“Oh, Sarah, you don’t know whats–“

Her mother couldn’t finish her sentence. She buried her head in her husband’s chest and wailed.

Sarah’s father tried to be strong, but he just didn’t have any words.

The collectors called for the lottery winners to come to the stage and take their rightful place among the stars that guided the colony. Each winner turned and waved to their families and onlookers as they stepped through the doorway.

“We do not have visual, but we are hoping to restore that before the next lottery,” a collector said, flicking a switch, “but we still have audio.”

Between the mortified gasps and screams of pain, they heard their daughter’s last plea, “Can you make it disappear?”

The radio transmission went silent and the collector turned it off. Payment appeared on the stage and the colony had enough food and water to last another six months.


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