Generations (A Blitz Poem)


Built through love
Built through time
Time to laugh
Time to dream
Dream of days
Dream of nights
Nights of stories
Nights of songs
Songs of hope
Songs of freedom
Freedom to care
Freedom to love
Love of one
Love of all
All bound together
All surviving as one
One goal
One future
Future secured
Future withheld
Withheld through fear
Withheld through hate
Hate of the unknown
Hate fueled by fear
Fear of success
Fear of failure
Failure through inaction
Failure through control
Control thought
Control feelings
Feelings of life
Feelings of hope
Hope for tomorrow
Hope for brighter days
Days of laughter
Days of joy
Joy and delight
Joy and nourishment
Nourishment of souls
Nourishment of minds
Minds that think
Minds that plan
Plan of futures
Plan of doing
Doing right
Doing just
Just treatment for all
Just treatment forever


The Adventure of a Lifetime (A to Z Blogging Challenge #5)

Image by Mind Body Sprit World from Pixabay

When Ace opened her eyes next, she was being eased out of the water by a crew of sailors dressed in the most remarkable garb. As her eyes fluttered, she saw shimmering armor on the sailors and monsters on deck behind them. Her eyes closed again and she collapsed in their arms.

“Ugh,” Ace groaned, rubbing her eyes. “Surely I must have imagined everything.” She half expected to hear Will laughing hysterically, but instead found herself in a marvelous feather bed covered with the smoothest silk she had ever felt. It slid over her skin and made her shiver. It was then she realized she was naked. “WHAT THE!” she screamed as her hands filled with linen and clasped it close to her chest.

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Fibbing Friday April 5

What would Friday be without a chance for a little fibbing?

What are the biggest whoppers you can come up with to these questions:

  1. It wasn’t a message in a bottle that was found on the beach. What was found in it?
  2. What do the rings in trees really measure?
  3. What is one food that you cannot live without?
  4. You thought you packed everything, but when you reached your destination, what had you forgotten to pack?
  5. We’ve gotten Halloween wrong for centuries. What is it really and when it is celebrated?
  6. How old are you?
  7. Why do people really wear glasses?
  8. Old people aren’t senile, what are they?
  9. When people say they are just talking to themselves, who are they talking to really?
  10. What goes best with corned beef?
  11. How do you like to end your day?
  12. How should Star Trek have ended?
  13. What movie or book has the best ending?