A Natural

He was a natural; no doubt about it. From the time he could crawl and found his first pill bug, he was born for it. No one who knew him would ever doubt his abilities. By six, he perfected his silent approach. By nine, he was a master of casting doubt. By eleven, he had enough experience to be an expert. When the authorities finally caught him at 80, all they could say was that he was a natural.


The Adventure of a Lifetime (A to Z Blogging # 6)

“Aberdeen,” Ace said, “set course for Flat Iron.”

“Flat Iron!” Aberdeen’s eyes widened and the color drained from his face. “But, Captain, Flat Iron is–“

“I know what it is, Aberdeen, but we must go there. There is something I need to retrieve.”

He stared at her, but nodded and set the crew to work on setting their new course. Ace was thankful he didn’t push her further to explain their destination–she didn’t know why they were heading there, or even what they would find once they got there. The pit of her stomach questioned whether that was her course or Poseidon’s.

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