A Short Tautogram

Seven silky snakes slithered
stealthily signaling safety –
so snakes stopped sneaking –
started scaring sisters.


Recap – 50 Word Thursday #14

Last Thursday, I posted the following image and passage, for the 50 Word Thursday prompt. We had a great turnout! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Be sure to check out Tales from the Mind of Kristian as he hosts this week’s challenge.

Image by John Collins from Pixabay

“Why are you smiling?” River Dixon, Beyond the Field

50 Word Thursday #14 Participants

The Adventure of a Lifetime #9 (A to Z Blogging)

She turned her attention back to the globe and found Eagan near an island filled with sirens.

“Sirens? You have to be kidding me.” She sat at the desk and shook her head. A ship filled with men and she had to deal with sirens.

Tufts, sensing something was wrong, knocked on the cabin door. “Captain?”

Ace looked up and frowned. “Sirens.”

“Okay.” He calmly turned around and returned to the helm.

The wind carried them faster than Ace had anticipated, although she didn’t rule out a little humorous intervention from Hades, and she didn’t have time to prepare the crew.

Melodic songs filled the air and brought smiles to many of the crew’s faces. The only ones not affected were Ace, Tufts, and the rest of Poseidon’s crew. Now she wondered if this was the side trip of Poseidon or Hades. What was this all about?

The unaffected crew tied as many as they could to the mast and anything bolted to the deck, but it was not enough. All it took was one crewman to succumb to the siren’s enticement and he released another.

By the time they reached the island where Eagen was at, the only crew left were Poseidon’s.

“Weigh anchor, here,” she told Tufts. “I’ll take the rowboat in.”

“But, Captain.”

He tried to stop her but Ace was too determined to find whatever or whoever Eagen was and get off this island. The sirens who were not busy with her former crew attacked her rowboat in rage. She was tossed into the ocean and fought her way to shore.

Sirens wailed and screamed as Ace stumbled out of the sea and toward a tree line. This island reminded her of Matthews. The more she focused on her end goal, the more the island came into focus. Even though it was covered with rainforest-thick growth, everything but her target destination seemed to fall away.

Ignoring the clawing and screeching sirens, she walked toward a glowing body toward the interior of the island. The further she went from the coast, the more the sirens left her alone.

“You can’t make it back to ship without passing us again,” one said, slipping behind a tree.

Ace paid them no mind and remained focused on the interior glow.

She shook her head when she entered a large clearing and found the glowing figure was…

I apologize for this one being so short, but I am short on time at the moment. Since tomorrow’s letter is J, please select from the following options:

A. A juggernaut standing in the clearing
B. Jade armor sitting on a chair near a campsite
C. Jason watching over a skeleton