The Adventure of a Lifetime #10 (A to Z Blogging)

Image by Peter Dargatz from Pixabay

She shook her head when she entered a large clearing and found the glowing figure was Jason watching over a skeleton.

Ace blinked and rubbed her eyes. This was not possible. Not that any of this was possible, but Jason? Here? Wasn’t Jason crushed under his own ship’s beam? Pretty lousy way to die as a sailor, but wouldn’t he be in the underworld, or where ever they believe they went?

That’s when it came to her…underworld…Hades. Everything in her gut told her to run — to stay on Poseidon’s course, but a small part of her wanted to know about the skeleton, about Eagen, and why Hades said he was not only the real captain but her father. She stepped further into the clearing and cleared her throat. “Hello.”

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