The Adventure of a Lifetime #10 (A to Z Blogging)

Image by Peter Dargatz from Pixabay

She shook her head when she entered a large clearing and found the glowing figure was Jason watching over a skeleton.

Ace blinked and rubbed her eyes. This was not possible. Not that any of this was possible, but Jason? Here? Wasn’t Jason crushed under his own ship’s beam? Pretty lousy way to die as a sailor, but wouldn’t he be in the underworld, or where ever they believe they went?

That’s when it came to her…underworld…Hades. Everything in her gut told her to run — to stay on Poseidon’s course, but a small part of her wanted to know about the skeleton, about Eagen, and why Hades said he was not only the real captain but her father. She stepped further into the clearing and cleared her throat. “Hello.”

Jason turned and nodded at Ace but said nothing.

Ace approached and looked at the skeleton. It’s bleached bones had been there far to long to be connected to her, Matthews, or Eagen. If that poor soul had been Eagen, wouldn’t Hades have known all along? “Why are you watching over this skeleton?”

“I am the reason he, and many others, died,” Jason replied without looking at Ace. “It is my duty.”

She felt like a fool asking, but asked anyway. “Do you know where Eagen is?”

Jason’s expression changed and his glow diminished. “Why do you ask about him?”

Him? At least now she knows for sure it’s a person Hades wanted her to find.

A sudden gust of wind slapped her face as Jason spun and pointed his staff toward a mountain top cave on the far side of the island.

Ace nodded and started walking that direction. Again? What is it with me, islands, and mountain caves, she thought as she walked through thick trees.

The mountain trail leading to the cave was paved with hand-cut stones and eve included a wooden handrail. Whomever lived here had intended to be found.

Ace couldn’t believe her eyes when she reached the cave and found it to not be a cave at all, but rather a small house that looked like it belonged in Glimmerton rather than an island surrounded with sirens. As soon as she stepped onto the wooden porch, the front door flung open and a ruffled looking man with waxy earmuffs stepped out and ushered her in the door.

“What are you doing here!” The man pulled off the earmuffs and tossed them onto a large table that sat in the middle of the room. “I told you to forget everything!”

You told me? What? “Sorry?”

The man stood and looked her up and down, then ran his hands through his thick salt and pepper hair. “Oh man, you don’t remember, do you?”

He took a deep breath and motioned to the table. “You’ll want to sit down.”

Movement upstairs startled Ace and she drew her pistol and looked back at the man who just shrugged.

I hope you are enjoying this story. Since tomorrow is “K” please choose from the following options:

A. Kill the man and find out what, or who, is upstairs
B. Keep your head, sit down, and him out
C. Leave the house, return to the ship, and keep on Poseidon’s journey.


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