While I browsed a few prompts this morning and felt horrible for not participating more, I saw Fandango’s one word challenge and immediately wanted to run to the store for puff pastry or phyllo dough. Why? Because of these:

Image result for turnovers

Now, the funny thing with me and turnovers is that I hate the filling. The words warm and fruit should never go together. It’s the dough. I love phyllo dough and puff pastry. The delicious crunchy outside and melt in your mouth inside. Yep, I’m a sucker for breads and pastries.

I love doughnuts too (don’t get me started on Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland).

What kinds of pastries and breads do you like?


7 thoughts on “Turnovers

  1. I am indifferent to most donuts except coconut and cinnamon, which I can’t resist at all. I love fruit pie and fruit crumble, and have no issue with warm fruit, especially peach or cherry. Mmm! Dutch apple pie is awesome. For pumpkin pie and key lime though, I only like a graham cracker crust. Yum!

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