Masks (A Cascade Poem)

Image by Jondolar Schnurr from Pixabay

Secrets, loves, dreams, and fears
hiding deep within
shielded by the masks we wear.

Days and nights
stoke the forges of
secrets, loves, dreams, and fears.

Each mask unique
forged by feelings
hiding deep within.

Our soul watches
collecting and growing
shielded by the masks we wear.


The Adventure of a Lifetime #19 (A to Z Blogging)

Eagen sighed and nodded. He looked at Ace with tears in his eyes. “I…I’m sorry. I tried to hide everything, but, he’s right. You need the whole me. Give me your compass, please.”

If Ace thought she was confused before, she thought she had gone insane as the whole room glowed and Eagen turned from an older man into a young man not much older than herself. His muscles were like chiseled marble and his glowed like Poseidon’s crew. “What are you?”

“Welcome back, Eagen.” The king clapped.

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