Author Interview: Marianna and Esther Palmer

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Echidna’s Darlings (2 book series) available on Amazon

I would like to thank Marianna and Esther for volunteering to be the first interview conducted for HW Book Nook and Cranny. Getting to know writers, their books, and what makes them tick helps inspire others to pick up the pen (or keyboard) and work toward their own dreams.


When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

We never exactly knew we wanted to be writers. We knew we loved making up stories. As children we’d make millions of adventures for Barbie. When we were young, we only really had stories as we grew up poor. When we were finally old enough to realize how much fun writing could be, we started writing and realized . . . how hard it really was!

Did you go to school for writing or take writing classes?

Never! We barely…

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The Adventure of a Lifetime #20 (A to Z Blogging)

Image by axonite from Pixabay

Matthews and Hades were approaching the great hall. Artemis readied her bow, Poseidon pulled out a trident and pointed it toward the door. Ares drew a great sword as the hammering of metal echoed around the room.

As the immortals encircled Ace and the king, they prepared for battle. Suddenly, the door and surrounding wall turned to fire and was engulfed in a black mist.

“What is that?” Ace looked at the mist as it slowly moved around the hall until it blocked the windows, plunging everyone into darkness

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