Author Interview: Toni Harty

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With a tagline of “Destiny is rarely your own” and amazing cover art, who can ignore The Line of Enya series by T. L. Harty? I had the privilege of interviewing her recently and now I get to share her wonderful responses.

~ The Haunted Wordsmith

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

You would think this should be the easiest question to answer, but I really struggle with it. Dabbling in writing has been a life-long endeavor. There were contests in school that included poetry, short stories and speeches, but I always thought it was merely something I could do…like cooking. I could cook, but did that make me a chef? I could write, but did that make me a writer?

Words and stories have been wooing me all my life. They have spoken to me by expanding my world and now I…

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