Our Last Hope


It was difficult, on the whole, to know how reliable they might be but we had to try. Our people depended on the knowledge of the ancients. We sent three of our finest virgins to beg for the sphinx’s assistance as instructed by the Book of Wisdom. Each girl lied.

This 50-word short was written for 50 Word Thursday.

The Adventure of a Lifetime #25 (A to Z Blogging)

Eagen scowled at Persephone as soon as she said his name. He took a deep breath and looked at the others with wary eyes. He sighed as he lowered his head and walked over to a small bench.

“I,” he chuckled and drew a deep breath, “I guess it all started so many years ago I forgot that…”

“Forgot what?” Ace asked.

Everyone found a place to sit or stood leaning against something and waited for him to continue.

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