Author Interview: Chris Tebbetts

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If you love Middle Grade books as much as I do, then I am sure you recognize the name Chris Tebbetts. It was my great pleasure to interview him regarding his life, his work with James Patterson and Jeff Probst, and his upcoming YA novel, Me, Myself, and Him. I hope you enjoy this interview!

~ The Haunted Wordsmith

Photo credit: IndieBound

You write on your website that you watched a lot of television growing up, what were your favorite shows and was there one that influenced your writing style?

My favorite shows (the ones that first come to mind) were Zoom, The Brady Bunch, The Jetsons, The Carol Burnett Show. But as for a show that influenced my writing style, I’d say it’s more true that television in general, and the fact that I watched so much of it, is what impacted my style. For better or worse…

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