Fibbing Friday – June 14

It’s FRIDAY! That means it’s time for another round of fibbing. What are the best fibs you can create to answer these questions:

  1. Who was the first person to sail around the world?
  2. Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids?
  3. What is Ursa Major?
  4. Lady and the Tramp wasn’t about two dogs… what was it about?
  5. What does “Law and Order” mean?
  6. What does Hell look like?
  7. What do cars do when you’re at work?
  8. What is the best song ever written?
  9. What are gnomes looking for in your garden?
  10. What is in fruitcake?
  11. What are the Seven Deadly Sins?
  12. Why were Cinderella’s slippers made of glass?
  13. What is wind?
  14. Why do cars have bike racks without bikes?
  15. What is the secret meaning behind the Mickey Mouse Club?

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