Imagination Challenge

It looked simple enough when she saw it in the store. It wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t too large that she thought she wouldn’t be able to finish it. But, once she got home, took the plastic wrap off and removed the lid, she learned how very wrong she was.

“Good lord, that’s a lot of pieces for being fifteen–” she looked at the lid again–“oh, crap! I swear it said fifteen hundred, not fifteen thousand.”

She sighed and shifted the tiny pieces of the puzzle in the box. “Well, I can’t return it now. Might as well try, I guess.”

For one solid week, she painstakingly turned over and organized each piece on her dining room table. It took two more days to find all the straight edges. Once that was done, it seemed like any other puzzle with buildings, signs, and objects that she could put together first, then tackle the sky, river, and patches of grass.

It wasn’t until the rooftop cafe was complete that she noticed strange things happening in the puzzle. The people…they moved.

“Nah. Can’t be. It’s a picture.” She grabbed her cell phone and took pictures of the puzzle before she left for work. Ten hours later, she rushed to the table and pulled out her phone to compare. “HOLY CRAP! I was right! That red shirted woman wasn’t there this morning!” She sat down at the table and poked the puzzle. “How did you do that?”

Suddenly, her head was spinning and she closed her eyes so that she wouldn’t lose her fast food dinner all over her kitchen floor.

“Ma’am,” a male voice said. “Are you ready to order yet?”

She opened her eyes and lost her dinner all over the rooftop cafe’s table.

I was tagged by Tales from the Mind of Kristian to take part in Nova’s prompt. Here’s the rules:

  • Write a short paragraph about what’s happening in this image.
  • Create a pingback to this image.
  • Tag three bloggers.

I’m going to add to tag Nova so that she know’s people are participating πŸ™‚

I must admit that I am way behind on my reading, and so I do not know who has participated/been tagged. I am going to tag Rory, Fandango, and The Magic Shop. If you’ve already been tagged, my apologies πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Imagination Challenge

  1. A great spin on the puzzle teresa, Nicely done and quirkily unique – also thank you for the tag. I have one of these l think from beckie, but l don’t mind l’ll splurge πŸ™‚

    Sorry about the delay, l have literally just found this as l am like you horribly behind on my reading, so am catching up on your blog now πŸ™‚


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