As long as Jeff could remember he had dreamt of the number 458. It appeared in a variety of ways and combinations, but it was there. It was always there. His parents grew worried when he turned eight and refused to have a party with eight candles on it. They became even more worried when [...]


I Wonder

"Dad? Can I ask you a question?" "Sure?" "What if everyone just stopped?" "Stopped what?" "Just stopped." "I don't understand." "I mean...what if everyone stopped telling others what to believe, what to think, how to act, what is right and what is wrong, what to read, what to write, where to go, who to love [...]


"I am a shadow of my former self," he thought looking into the mirror. "I used to laugh and chat with friends, now no one seems to even notice I'm around." He straightened his tie and smoothed his hair one last time. His car keys and wallet sat on the small table in the hall [...]

Their First Date

Cassie and Jared were out on their first date after flirting with each other over the past six months. It was going well and both were enjoying each others' company. "Want to get some lunch?" Cassie asked, looking around at all the lovely cafes that lined the street. Jared took a long, deep breath then [...]