Keeper of the Doors – Prologue & Chapter 1

Prologue Mighty growls and snarls echoed from deep within the cave’s darkness and sent shivers up his spine. There was no turning back; it had to be done, and he was the only one who could do it. It was his job – his calling – his destiny. “Go back, Robert,” he said, lifting the [...]


The Wait

Martha pulled her coat tighter and shivered. A solid hour of waiting outside for him. "Any much longer and my boobs will fall off," she muttered. Amy laughed. "Oh Lord, don't make me laugh. Every time I move, my frozen nipples hit my fat belly." Martha laughed. Finally there was movement in the front. The [...]

Warped Sense Of Humor

Whenever someone says you have a warped sense of humor, thank them. Think about it for a moment. All the greatest beings in the universe had a warped sense of humor. Vending machine God's listen to requests then make sure the corner of your selection clings to another. Traffic light fairies toy with emotions with [...]


When Alan was born, the doctors were astonished. At just one day old, he was already sitting. "He's so advanced," they would say as they watched him. His parents shrugged their shoulders. He was just their little Alan. When they came for his six month check-up, Alan was walking and talking. Again doctors fussed over [...]

Castle In The Clouds

Prince Edward wore down the family magician after months of begging. Two weeks collecting all the necessary ingredients for the teleportation spell. The dragon's tears were easy to get; slaying the baby dragon was a bit more difficult. Witch's breath was the easiest since his mother was a bonafide witch. Finding the thorn of a [...]

It’s Over

Jill hung up the phone and wiped her red eyes. It was over. It was finally over. She knew it was coming, but she didn't know when. She couldn't even really say how she felt about it. The media cabinet overflowed with movies. She looked at them and thought for a moment. Phantom, Les Mis, [...]