Today’s JusJoJan 2019 prompt, Paris, comes from Kelli, and of all the things that could have come into my mind…the museums, the food, the fashion, the history (oh the history), the musicals that revolve around French history…but, none of that came to my mind first. Nope! Not a single one. Not even french fries -…… Continue reading Paris

Is Writing an Art, a Business, or Something More?

While browsing my email this morning, a recommended digest of posts I might be interested in struck my interest – not in a good way. The title of the article immediately elicited the “ugh, not another one” response, but I gave the article a benefit of the doubt and read it. Sigh. The article was…… Continue reading Is Writing an Art, a Business, or Something More?

Music Playlist, Jan 7

Since today is the first day back at school for the kids around here, today’s theme is all about being free, being imprisoned, and school. Enjoy 🙂