Fandango’s FOWC prompt today is escape. As you know, I like to go with the first thing that pops into my head with his prompts and today is Jean Valjean’s soliloquy about having to escape his old life and making a new one. There was a time, not long ago when we could leave one place, reinvent ourselves, and make a fresh start. Contrary to what our dear dipshiter-in-chief likes to think, one cannot just “leave” anymore. So, let us all escape and so somewhere better…today, for me, I think that’s going to be revolutionary France (and hell, even Crowley and Aziraphale liked revolutionary France…think I’ll escape with them before I lose Prime next week).



Questions for those who read Maddie Ware

Feedback from beta readers are coming in and the results are mixed on one key area: characters.

So, if you read enough that you feel like you can answer these questions, please do so in the comments, it would help me out greatly.

Was Maddie relatable?
Did you think Maddie was rude or mean?
Was there a friendship formed between her, Kim, and Sammy?
Were you rooting for Maddie by the time you stopped reading?

Honest, harsh answers are always the best kind to give a writer 🙂

Follow Friday Blog Style July 12

So, I thought I’d bring this back for a bit and share more of the wonderful blogs we have on WP. Stop by, say hi, and maybe you’ll discover another great read 🙂

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

What say you dear readers

As you know, I am focusing on writing my books and have one in editing and just starting to write another. I do enjoy letting you read them as I write them, but as Chris mentioned in a comment, long posts are hard on the eyes (they are for me too) and that led me to thinking….uh oh….dangerous times ahead.

What say you:

  1. Yes, please post the chapters as you write them, the migraines are worth it.
  2. Yes, post because I might get around to reading it…eventually
  3. No, don’t post because they are too long.
  4. No, don’t post but start a mailing list instead so I can know when the book is finally ready.
  5. I don’t read it, so I don’t care.
  6. Why TF are you asking me?