Look Down

A man wearing an Armani suit avoided making eye contact with the homeless man sitting in front of Starbucks as he got his morning coffee. The homeless man’s request for spare change fell on deaf ears. They need to do something about that, the suited man thought. Get a Job! At the end of the…… Continue reading Look Down

One Day

It was the first real warm day in early April, and Lily was excited to take Charlie out in his stroller for a walk. While pointing out the clouds, trees, dogs, and everything else they were passing, Lily lost track of where they were going. Both mother and son were enjoying the day so much…… Continue reading One Day

Watch Your Tongue

“Please welcome Brock Droid, notable paranormal debunker, to the show,” Kenny announced to the audience. Brock stepped on stage to a cacophony of applause and booing. Warmer reception than usual, he thought taking his seat near Kenny’s desk. “Hi, Brock, thanks for joining us tonight.” “My pleasure, thanks for having me,” Brock said waving to…… Continue reading Watch Your Tongue