Moving Day

Moving day is almost always noisy, but this time was exceptionally loud; even Taft heard the commotion three subdivisions over. The new neighbor is young and that always makes a difference. “Son, we’re a quiet neighborhood,” Pershing told him, patting the young man on the shoulder. “We have the best property values in town,” I…… Continue reading Moving Day


“Grandpa, what’s that?” Dory asked, pointing to something sticking out of the dirt. “Let’s see,” he replied, kneeling down to get a better look. “Oh, good heavens!” “What’s wrong?” Dory grabbed him. “Get your Grandma and Mom,” he said, gently pushing her back toward the house. “Hurry!” “Dad! Seth!” Their worried voices carried through the…… Continue reading Nature


Smiles eyes wide laughter floats far below you life looks different in the high wire act.   If you have read any of my “poems,” then you know I am not good at them. Sometimes things just tell me “I want to be a poem” and I try to make the words happy. While browsing…… Continue reading Circus


“You see,” the teacher began, pointing to the rough surf. “Not everything in life will be smooth and calm. But unlike now, we often do not read warning signs of the danger ahead.” “Yes, teacher,” his students agreed. “Now, let’s jump in.” “But teacher,” a novice began asking, looking very worried. “The signs say we…… Continue reading Wisdom

Share Your World–Late Spring in Kansas

As you  may know, I am always on the look out for things to participate in, and I found this one tonight. This one is found here…check it out and join in. The questions this week are: Complete this sentence: This sandwich could really use some … What is your least favorite candy? What sign…… Continue reading Share Your World–Late Spring in Kansas

How Was Your Day?

“You look nice today,” her Grandmother said, smiling and touching the girl’s new shirt. “Thanks,” the girl replied, grinning with pride. “You didn’t actually believe me, did you?” her Grandmother said, laughing. “Don’t be so gullible.” *** “Can I read your story to the class?” the girl’s teacher asked. “I want to use it in…… Continue reading How Was Your Day?


The sun rises and the sun sets, every day without fail. Yet here we sit, living with regrets. Looking through our veil. Every doubt another coffin nail. But this does not need to be, life is not a monorail. You hold the master key. Place your doubt up for sale, and sit under the apple…… Continue reading Regrets