Beware The Garden

It started with the farmer’s daughter, a tulip, and Mother’s day. The truce was broken. The garden looked full and beautiful. They were waiting – plotting their revenge. The colors of the world are changing, day by day, and survivors speak of that morning as the pluck heard around the world.

This was written for 50 Word Thursday.

Quite The Sign

They say hindsight is twenty-twenty, but Jasmine never bought into that. Linda continued blabbering about her latest opportunity. She sipped her coffee and nodded at the right times but wasn’t listening at all.

“Lin, you know I love ya, but it’s a scam. I hope you didn’t pay anything.”

Linda was taken aback. “If you were a real friend.”

Jasmine sighed as Linda stormed out of the shop.

Moments later, Linda returned silently to the table. She handed Jasmine her buy-in check. “If that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.”


“The police just arrested the owner.”

This short was inspired by and written for The Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge