What He Shared

An avid outdoorsman since he was a child, Bill impressed everyone with his survival skills. He tried to make a business out of it, but no one stayed long after discovering his obsession with the Donner Party. This 208-character short was inspired by Twittering Tales and Fandango’s FOWC – avid.


After Mandate 2837a passed unanimously, and the genetic selection breeding program began, mirrors were banned. It was punishable by death if you possessed a mirror. Mirrors are where the seconds lived. Those creatures that were formed from the leftover genetic material not used for breeding purposes. The Halflings taught our scientists everything we know now…… Continue reading Reflection

The Oregon Trail: The Race to Chimney Rock (book review)

The Oregon Trail: The Race to Chimney Rockby Jesse WileyHoughton Mifflin HarcourtPublished 04 Sept 2018 Description (Amazon): In book one of this exciting choose-your-own-trail series, it’s 1850 and your first goal is to get your family, covered wagon full of supplies, and oxen to Chimney Rock on time. But hurry—you’ll need to make it through the rugged mountains…… Continue reading The Oregon Trail: The Race to Chimney Rock (book review)