Tales FromThe Haunted Wordsmith

Tales From The Haunted Wordsmith (2018)

Presented for your enjoyment, in this debut collection, are 50 short tales of damnation and redemption, love and hate, regret and compassion, and the ups and downs of parenting and neighborhood life. Tales cross genre lines and there is a little something for everyone.

Life in River Hollow

Life In River Hollow (2018)

Welcome to River Hollow. You won’t find it on any map, but should you ever be lost, in need of help, or looking for something, you are sure to find your way here. Join Mayor Strange as he tells the town’s newest resident a little bit of history, find out if Maeve will really leave the Hickory Cafe, listen in to the River Hollow Public Library story hour, find out why a lost dog has been keeping Father Howard up at night, and discover if a teacher looking for someone ever asks the right question. Other happenings around town include a snafu at the candle shop, a new delivery at Howard’s Flowers, and uncover who sent Lizzie an unmarked box.

Reflected Echo by [Grabs, Teresa]

Reflected Echo (2018)

Nothing but anghenbeasts and death is found outside of Bakerton.

Fifteen-year-old Echo Monat is different. She dreams of grass that doesn’t cause blisters, trees that don’t kill on contact, and people who live outside of Bakerton. Each spring, all Year 10 students explore career possibilities, study, and prove their worth to Bakerton. Echo hopes to prove her worth and move on with her life.

The day before graduation and the assignment ceremony, Bakerton tosses her out like last week’s trash. Armed only with her dreams and her ever-faithful dog, Charlie, Echo faces a new world filled with anghenbeasts, hunger, fear, loss, and lies.

A world filled with acceptance, color, and freedom awaits her … if she can survive.

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