Intersection of Life

Stephen sat at the crossroads; the intersection of his life. He could go left and live a life of simplicity by the beach. He could go right and live a life of chaos and wealth in the city. He could so straight and life a peaceful life with his family toiling away on a farm. [...]



It was only their first date, but their chemistry was electric. Seventy years later, her warm touch still sent electric pulses through his body.

Grab The Camera

Julia and Michael were enjoying a warm summer day with Flora at the local county fair. This was the first time Flora had gone when she could really interact and enjoy the goings on. Michael was happy he wasn't lugging around the bulky stroller filled with anything and everything Flora may want just to keep [...]

Wrong Shirt

Eddie loved darts, and he loved Las Vegas. He was lucky at anything he tried. Nothing could touch him. People tried to tell him not to make a target out of himself. They knew Vegas better than he did, but he didn't listen. For a while Eddie's attitude and charisma served him, but his ego [...]

Have A Seat

Heather paused outside Dr. Harris' door and debated once again if she really wanted to see a psychologist, but her family insisted that she needed to. With a sigh, she knocked. "Good morning, Miss. Stewart," he said, showing her in. "Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee, water?" "I'd love to have some tea, [...]