Return of Pennywise

Captain Travis stared at the anomaly on the main screen and inhaled deeply. “Any readings off it?”

“Negative,” the helmsman said, glancing down at his instrument panel. “According to the sensors, there’s nothing out there.”

“How can that be, Captain?”

Captain Travis looked at the communication’s officer and studied her worried face. In twenty years, he had never seen her look so afraid or sound so puzzled. Everyone on the bridge looked to him for the answer, but he didn’t have one.

As they watched the silvery mist twist and turn on the screen they started tilting their heads the way children do when looking at clouds.

“Is that a boat?”

“I think I see a balloon,” a crew member said, tilting his head the other way.

“That looks like a clown.”

Captain Travis chuckled. “It reminds me of that classic movie, IT.”

“Oh man, that show is so cheesy.”

“Cheesy? That movie terrified me when I was six. Never liked clowns since.”

With all the debate over the merits of the movie, no one noticed the mist taking a more solid form–until it was too late.