After Mandate 2837a passed unanimously, and the genetic selection breeding program began, mirrors were banned. It was punishable by death if you possessed a mirror. Mirrors are where the seconds lived. Those creatures that were formed from the leftover genetic material not used for breeding purposes. The Halflings taught our scientists everything we know now…… Continue reading Reflection


we cannot staywhen hope is lostno matter the costwe fly away over land, sea, and airwe try to copefind a little hoperesisting despair toil and troublearound every benddecisions we defendto rise from the rubble family’s faith recoveredfreedom, security, hope in sightfor our children’s plightwe pray to remain undiscovered This was inspired by and written for…… Continue reading Undiscovered

The Be-All Room

Behold the bathroom: keeper of forbidden secrets and love, time machine, land of superheroes and princesses, best friend or worst enemy, man cave, and mommy’s alone time; every home’s unsung hero. This was written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday and JusJoJan #9.